MiMAS (Malaysia international Mathematical Arithmetic for Schools) is an International Olympiad Arithmetic Competition. Each participant will have to answer three papers which consists of: Paper A, Paper B and also Paper C. Each paper will only have 5 minutes to answer. Difficulty of the questions will be balanced, as a challenge for mental arithmetic students, simpler questions at the beginning, and then gradually increased in difficulty. Each participant will locate the challenge eventually.

The papers are prepared by experienced teachers from ShenMo Education Group,all questions comply with Malaysian elementary mathemathic arithemtic standards.

Competition Aims

  • Improving children’s interest in learning mathematical arithmetic through just and fair competition.
  • To cultivate children’s concentration and calculation ability, establishing a good foundation to learn advanced math.

Competition Categories

Level 1:Limited to participants from primary school standard 1 / kindergarten
Level 2:Limited to participants from primary school standard 2
Level 3:Limited to participants from primary school standard 3
Level 4:Limited to participants from primary school standard 4
Level 5:Limited to participants from primary school standard 5
Level 6:Limited to participants from primary school standard 6

* Lower grades can challenge higher level papers, but can not sign up for lower level papers.

Beijing ShenMo Education Group

Beijing ShenMo Educational Institutions is China’s largest abacus arithmetic training institutes for children. Mainly is to inherit and carry forward Chinese intangible cultural heritage:abacus, promote universal abacus education, strengthen abacus and arithmetical culture exchanges with other countries. Beijing ShenMo Education Group will organize an International ShenMo Arithmetic Cup tournament annually, inviting talented individuals from all over the world to participate.


MiMAS (Malaysia international Mathematical Arithmetic for Schools)是一项国际数学心算奥林匹克竞赛。每位参赛者共需作答3份赛卷:A卷、B卷及C卷,每份赛卷作答时间为5分钟。赛卷设计难易参半,前面的问题较简单,随后其难度逐渐提高,对心算较高的学生形成一个挑战。各个程度学生将在循序渐进时发现他们的挑战点所在。


  • 透过公正、公平的竞赛,提升孩子学习数学的兴趣。
  • 培养孩子专注力和计算能力,建立孩子学习数学良好基础。